What are the advantages of CRUISEAfree?
CRUISEAfree displays all fares for one departure date.
This makes it easy to compare the fares with each other.
You do not need to browse through catalogs because all
additional information such as inclusive services,
cabin descriptions etc. are included in CRUISEAfree.

Is there a test version?
CRUISEAfree is free of charge and usable without
any obligations, therefore we do not provide
no test version.

Do I need to install CRUISEAfree on the PC?
Our solution is web-based and does not require any installation.
You can flexibly access CRUISEAfree from anywhere.

How many users are included in CRUISEAfree?
The free version includes one user. If you need access for
more employees we recommend to upgrade to the full CRUISEA
license (5 users included).


How to book a cruise in CRUISEA?
You can also book cruises directly in CRUISEA during the
consultation with your customer. This requires that you
have stored your cruiseline agency number so that the
booking can be assigned to your office.


Whats the PAGEMAKER?

With Pagemaker you can create your own website in no time at all.
Specially equipped with cruise widgets so that you can present your
departures in the best possible way. Include texts, images, sliders,

offers and more on your cruise website.



The CRUISECUSTOMIZER is a tool developed by CRUISEHOST
which can be used to create cruise packages.

In addition to the main cruise service, all additional services can be
recorded as travel components, e.g. arrival/departure (flight, train, bus),
transfers, pre- and post-nights, round trips, on-board credits,
beverage packages, etc.
These additional services can be selected in the detailed filter.



With Image Wizzzard you have your own personal
image database at your fingertips anytime and anywhere.
Upload your images in a snap with drag and drop
and manage them with a simple hashtag system.
In addition, you can tag the images with all the information you need,
such as author and source. If your images have an expiry date,
you can set it and your images will be automatically deactivated.
It is also possible to crop and add text to your images within the Image Wizard.


With the Social Media Wizzzard you can easily manage
and create your social media posts. Generate a link within minutes
which you can insert into any social media platform. With the built-in statistics
you can see at a glance how often your post was clicked.


With the Newsletter Wizzzard you can create your own newsletters
for your customers in no time at all. Simply send a page created in Pagemaker
in newsletter format. You will always have the latest prices and vacancies
at the time of sending.


Passolution is a third-party provider for visa and health information.  


Delivery of the Pre-contractual Information and the Package Travel Directive.  






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